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About WellBeing World

Established in July 2011, WellBeing World has devoted the last 10 years to raising the awareness for wellbeing, both locally and internationally.

It offers business and marketing support to the providers of wellbeing services; provides resources to individuals to promote overall wellbeing and greater self-care; and facilitates employers in supporting the health and wellness of their employees.

This is achieved through three platforms:

1. WellBeing World Membership for Wellbeing Practitioners.

2. WellBeing World Magazine, now available online, and the newly launched WellBeing Reimagined Toolkit - more info at: www.wellbeingreimagined.com

3. WellBeing At Work, the Leaders in WellBeing Summit & Awards, and World WellBeing Week - more info at: www.leadersinwellbeing.com

Founder: Beverley Le Cuirot

Founder and Director of WellBeing World, Beverley Le Cuirot is passionate about promoting personal, corporate and societal wellbeing.

She is an experienced professional with a proven track record in strategic planning, marketing, organisational leadership, HR & training, change management, and integrated communications. Since 2011 she has specialised in wellbeing.

She holds the IoD Diploma in Company Direction; and has held Board positions within the Finance and charity sectors. She has worked with and for commercial and non-profit organisations in Yorkshire and London, and since 1992 in Jersey, working locally and internationally.

She trained as a Life Coach, in Positive Psychology, and is a qualified IIN Health Coach, and Mental Health First Aider.

She offers a unique blend of corporate insight, entrepreneurial flexibility, employee engagement and wellbeing; and has demonstrated a skill for developing effective collaborative partnerships in both the private and public sectors.

Please contact us for more information as to how we can help you: beverley@wellbeingworld.je





WellBeing Magazine

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