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Win 3 Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions with Peter Mac of Positive Mind

Sunday 30 Mar 14

Want to lose weight, give up smoking, get rid of fears or phobias? Or perhaps you struggle with sleep? These are just a few of the problems that Peter Mac of PositiveMind.com can help you sort out - for good! So what better prize, this morning, than THREE Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions with Peter, worth £300! Just listen in to the Channel 103 WellBeing Weekend Giveaway - on air NOW!

Peter trained at the Regent's College in London to become Jersey's first Cognitive Hypnotherapist and since then he has helped hundreds of people overcome a huge variety of problems.  Don't struggle alone, let Peter Mac of Positive-Mind.com help you. You can find more info at www.positive-mind.com

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