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Launch of First Ever Channel Islands WellBeing Zone Online

Friday 11 Jul 14

One of a number of exciting developments on the horizon, WellBeing At Work is to launch the Channel Islands' first bespoke Online WellBeing Zone.  Not only providing employees with the resources to track, monitor and support their own health and fitness progress, it will also enable the employer to review consolidated data about the health of their workforce and to invest accordingly. Healthy employees make for healthy profits. According to Dame Carol Black, every £1 spent on workplace wellbeing can yield between £3 and £6 in gained productivity and efficiency. Not many alternatives provide that kind of ROI, but WHAT should you spend it on with so many health and wellbeing options to choose from?

Energising Your Employees with the WellBeing Zone

Working in conjunction with Revitalised, our partners in employee wellness in the UK, WellBeing At Work has created WellBeing Zone Online to provide employers with the information to prioritise their employee health and wellness activities.

Your Finger on the Pulse

Comparing with national (UK) average statistics, WellBeing Zone Online provides vital insights about how much or how little the current health of an organisation's workforce is contributing to the business and/or how much it is costing.

It will also allow the employer to compare health and wellbeing results over time vs funds spent, and in so doing demonstrate the ROI value.

No confidential employee data is shared with anyone other than the employee.

Local Benefits

The content is updated every week and includes Healthy Eating Guidance, Exercise and Rehabilitation Advice, a Fitness Zone, Sleep Monitoring, Stress Management Support, Weight Management, and Social Sharing for those wishing to form support groups amongst themselves.

The Zone is also being fully updated with local health and wellbeing events and employee discounts, providing a unique package for Channel Island businesses and their employees.

Book Your Demo Now

We will be demonstrating the system over the summer, so if you would like to arrange a no-obligation meeting, please contact Beverley@wellbeingworld.je

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