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Local Employers Showing Great Support for LESS STRESS

Thursday 25 Oct 12

With just a few days to go to the booking deadline for the BPP/WellBeing At Work Managing Stress in the Workplace workshop, employers are showing great support for the wellbeing of their employees.  Already more than 50 delegates have signed up to attend the workshop, from a wide range of industry sectors.  Many of them are doing so on the basis that prevention is better than cure and others as part of an ongoing management training commitment to their employees.  All are demonstrating good business practice.

Called ‘LESS STRESS’, the one-day event is the result of a partnership between WellBeing At Work and training provider, BPP.  It promises to deliver a range of practical solutions for delegates to immediately apply back in the workplace.

According to the CIPD Absence Survey 2011, stress is the most common cause of long-term absence from work in the UK.  Over 10 million working days were lost in Britain in 2010/2011 due to work-related stress, costing the UK economy more than £26 billion.

In Jersey, 18,000 days were lost to illness in 2010, of which more than 40% were stress related; this costs Jersey businesses thousands of pounds every year in absence, staff turnover and lost productivity.

Add to this, the cost of presenteeism, where employees are at work but not productively
engaged, together with direct health and compensation costs, and stress becomes an epidemic of serious proportions.

Over half of small and medium sized businesses claim it is an issue in their workplace, and yet a quarter of small business owners do not feel confident that they would be able to recognise and address ill health, stress or depression among their employees.   

But local professional help is at hand.

The new one day seminar will be led by BPP MD, Lincoln Miles (right), and Fran Bisson, Senior Essential Business Skills Tutor, and in a ground-breaking move will feature a number of wellbeing professionals across the spectrum from nutrition and office ergonomics to mental and physical health.

Participating practitioners offering practical solutions to immediately apply back in the workplace will include Andy Barnes, MD of Jersey Foodstate; Peter Mac: Cognitive Hypnotherapist; Claire de Gruchy Health Kinesiology; Elaine McGoogan, Fully Present; Grant Henderson, Active Ergonomics; and Lorna Jackson, Health Point Clinic.

This is the first time a Stress Management course has been delivered in this way in the Channel Islands.

Attendees will also gain access to the WellBeing At Work Audit and an optional Mindfulness in the Workplace Meditation, now so popular with many successful organisations for reducing stress and enhancing productivity.

The seminar will be held on National Stress Awareness Day on Wednesday, 7th November at the Royal Yacht Hotel. Individual tickets are £125 each, or book 4 tickets and get the 5th ticket free (and pay the equivalent of £100 per ticket). CPD = 5.5 hours.

For more information please visit www.wellbeingworld.je or email Beverley Le Cuirot at beverley@wellbeingworld.je by Weds, 31st October to secure your place.

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