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Local Magazine Seeks to Put Jersey on the WellBeing Map

Wednesday 08 May 13

The Spring/Summer 2013 edition of Jersey’s wellbeing magazine has arrived in the Island and can be found at a number of ‘pick-up’ points around the Island. It was also distributed at the Barclays Boat Show at the weekend.

Published by WellBeing World, the membership organisation for wellbeing service providers which was established in 2011 by Beverley Le Cuirot, the magazine is now in its third edition.

WellBeing World was originally established to facilitate the provision of physical and emotional wellness to people in need, it now represents more than 90 wellbeing service providers, primarily Channel Island businesses, specialising in a range of health and wellbeing services, including:

  •   Executive coaching, life counselling, and management training
  •   Healthy work and home environments
  •   Ergonomics and chiropractic
  •   Sport and fitness training
  •   Nutrition
  •   Complementary therapies
  •   Health and beauty
  •   Wellness spas and speciality travel

The 100 page quality publication covers all aspects of wellbeing; the latest issue includes a special feature on nutrition and healthy eating, along with articles on physical and emotional wellbeing, sport and fitness, and other topics such as the health benefits of beer, and the healing benefits of dance. 

There is also a look at Jersey as a potential European destination for wellbeing; the healing power of the sea; and heart screening in the Island. 

WellBeing World also researches into more sensitive topics which need to be aired for general wellbeing; the Spring/Summer edition features expert comment from Dr Hilary Abrahams on domestic abuse and the exemplary work of the Jersey Women’s Refuge.

Wellbeing in the workplace is also a regular feature.  High levels of psychological wellbeing amongst employees has shown to lead to lower absence levels; attraction and retention of talented people; and more satisfied customers, clients and service users.

Founder, Beverley Le Cuirot commented: "Raising the profile of wellbeing is key to the ongoing success of individual businesses, and also this growing industry sector; the magazine plays a fundamental part in that. 

"With an ageing population, increasing obesity and chronic illness, and, at the same time, diminishing public health resources, it is every individual’s responsibility to look after one’s own health and wellbeing.  The aim of WellBeing World is to help support this, whilst at the same time promoting the individual businesses of its wellbeing service provider members.  Governments of the world will simply not be able to afford to take full responsibility for this in the future," she added.

The magazine is presently published at least twice a year, is free of charge, and is widely distributed. It is also available online at the WellBeing World website at www.wellbeingworld.je

5,000 copies of each edition are printed and 7,500 copies viewed online.  If you would be interested in advertising in future editions, please contact Beverley Le Cuirot at beverley@wellbeingworld.je

Other Pick-Up Points include:

St Brelade:

L’Horizon Hotel & Spa

Les Quennevais Sports Centre

Harmony Physiotherapy, Le Quennevais Sports Centre

Bonita Hair & Beauty, Les Ormes

St Peter:

Moon Magic, Classic Farms

Classic Farm Tea Shop

Blades Hairdressing, St Peter 

St Saviour:

Hotel de France

Lido Wellness Centre

Therapybreaks, Lido Medical Centre

Monterey Hotel

Le Quesne’s Tea Room

St Helier:

Springfield Sports Centre

Roberts Garage, Springfield

Channel 103, Tunnell Street

Cafe JAC, Arts Centre

The Organic Shop, Stopford Road

Active Chiropractic Clinic, David Place

The Cosmetic Dental Group, David Place

St Helier (Centre):

Up and Above, Don Street

Collas Crill, Don Street

JT, Grenville Street

Pomme d’Or Café

Jaipur, The Esplanade

Barannes Juice Bar, Broad Street

Waterstones, Queen Street

Cory's Dry Cleaners, Wests Centre

Jersey General Hospital

League of Friends Café at the Hospital

St Helier Waterfront:

Coopers Coffee, Waterfront

Good Health / The Fitness Agency, Waterfront

Fort Regent:

Fort Regent Active

St Helier Yacht Club

New Vision Therapy Centre

East Coast:

Roberts Garage, Greve d'Azette

Verona Stores, Fauvic Coast Road

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