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Preparing to Go Sober October

Friday 19 Sep 14

WellBeing World is pleased to be supporting Macmillan Jersey with its Go Sober October campaign. It's a great initiative; not only will it contribute to a good cause, it will make us FEEL SO GOOD! A clearer head, increased energy levels, higher productivity, and doing something positive for a good cause; reason enough for local employers and employees to get involved. Here are some excellent Sober October tips:

  • In September, try to slow down your alcohold intake to half of what you would normally consume.
  • Plan your social calendar. If you have an event that you really want to drink at, ask someone to buy you a Golden Ticket.
  • Have a substitute for your usual weekend drinks. Try a mocktail or juice instead.
  • Plan your meals and your shopping list.
  • Remove all temptation from your house. Ask a friend or family member to mind your alcohol for you during October.
  • Prepare your mind as well as your body for the abstinence of alcohol during October.
  • Set yourself a goal for the month – a fundraising goal, eating healthier or perhaps starting an exercise program.
  • Plan to make the most of your hangover free weekends – go out for breakfast, meet a friend for a walk or indulge in a TV marathon on the couch.
  • Recruit some friends to do Sober October with you – it’s easier with friends!

During October:

  • Hang out with other Sober heroes.
  • Keep yourself busy.
  • Some people will find it easy, others will find it harder – however, it will get easier during the month!
  • Explain to people why you’re not drinking – it’s a great conversation starter and most people will be supportive when they know why you’re not drinking.
  • Plan your drink substitutions – there’s mocktails, ginger beer, soda water and lime, non-alcoholic beers and wines, herbal tea……
  • Remind yourself why your doing Sober October and the fantastic cause you are supporting!
  • Use the Macmillan tick-off planner to mark of the days you’ve been sober and see how much you’ve achieved so far!

Good luck - it's all for a good cause!

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