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Diabetes: A Dietary and Nutritional Perspective by Professor Eric Llewellyn - A Free Talk on Thursday, 11th July

Monday 17 Jun 13

Diabetes is serious. If left untreated, it can lead to heart disease, stroke, blindness, and kidney failure.

Facts about Diabetes. Did you know? ...


  • 60% of adults are overweight. 26% of adults and 16% of children are classified as obese 
  • Since 1996, those diagnosed with diabetes has increased from 1.4million to 2.6million
  • By 2025 over 4million Britons will be diabetic and the NHS will struggle to fund treatment


  • 2 thirds of adult Americans are overweight. 36% of adults and 17% of children are obese
  • 26m Americans are type 2 diabetic and 79miliion are pre-diabetic
  • Diabetes is currently killing 300,000 people per year and costing $300million to treat

Diabetes is likely to affect us all, whether directly or indirectly. In particular with Type 2 Diabetes, a great deal can be done to help treat and prevent this disease with a better understanding of its causes, and simple and effective ways of how to avoid it.

So please join us for an informative evening with Professor Eric Llewellyn, who will share his considerable understanding of the benefits of proper diet and nutrition.

VENUE: Wharf Suite, Pomme D’Or Hotel

DATE/TIME: THURSDAY, 11TH JULY 2013 - 7.30pm for 7.45pm

DURATION: 1 hour presentation, followed by questions and answers

This is a free event sponsored by Jersey Foodstate. Please confirm you attendance by emailing Andy Barnes at: enquiries@jerseyfoodstate.com or call him on 01534 855280

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