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Research Project: The Role of Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs

Tuesday 16 Jun 15

Business leaders in general and entrepreneurs in particular experience high levels of stress/distress due to the increasingly competitive and uncertain environments they operate within.  Challenging circumstances minimise the likelihood of self-care.  Many entrepreneurs harbour secret demons.  In particular, new entrepreneurs struggle through moments of debilitating anxiety and despair, times when it seems that everything might crumble.

Rather than showing vulnerability, business leaders have practiced what social psychiatrists call impression management, also known as "fake it till you make it”. However, this can come at a psychological price with entrepreneurs reporting higher levels of mood vulnerability, anxiety and depression than employees.
The development of resilience is viewed by many as a potential answer to the stress associated with the challenges faced by entrepreneurs.  The purpose of this research is to explore the potential benefits of mindfulness training in developing resilience in the context of entrepreneurs.
As part of her DBA Doctoral thesis, Glenda  Rivoallan, Vice Principal at Highlands College, is looking for volunteers who would be prepared to embark on a 8x2 hours mindfulness intervention commencing in October 2015. The course will be delivered by Dr Alessio Agostino, and is normally £480.  This will be provided free of charge.
Participants will attend an 8 week MBCT programme consisting of 26 hours of session time including two 1/2 hours and an all-day class, daily meditation and completion of pre and post intervention measures.
Participants will be asked to complete a number of questionnaires before, during and after the intervention. Participants will also be asked to complete a practice diary during the duration of the intervention to record mindfulness practice techniques undertaken.
If you are interested in taking part, please contact Glenda Rivoallan directly at:

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