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Spring Has Arrived! Yes, Really ...

Friday 02 Mar 18

The Spring edition of WellBeing World has arrived in Jersey ... and is now on sale from all branches of Alliance Tesco, Balance, Hallmark, Verona Stores, Healthhaus, Club Soulgenic, Shalbeck Life Centre, Align Health Agency, and more ... or directly from WellBeing World for your employees.

It’s a win-win-win; the magazine is packed with hints and tips for improving overall wellbeing; organisations receive a bulk purchase discount; AND for every copy you buy, we will give 10% of the proceeds we receive to MIND Jersey.

We're also working hard to bring WellBeing World magazine to you by online subscription. Please contact me if you would be interested - or to order copies for your organisation. I look forward to hearing from you: beverley@wellbeingworld.je

Meantime, if you are in Jersey, please pick up your copy from any of the outlets listed above.  There's lots of great content in this edition, and we hope you’ll love it!

Happy and healthy regards,
Beverley Le Cuirot, Founder & Publisher, WellBeing World Magazine

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