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Think SERVICE: Engage for Healthy Profits - a BPP/WellBeing At Work Seminar

Thursday 08 Aug 13

The latest BPP/WellBeing At Work Seminar, 'Think SERVICE: Engage for Healthy Profits', is designed for managers to help them inspire superior Customer Service amongst their teams and colleagues.

The day seminar will explore the vital role played by effective employee wellbeing in presenting high energy service levels, and will provide valuable insight from a wide range of specialists, including past and present BPP trainers, Ian Lucas, Lincoln Miles, and Fran Bisson; WellBeing At Work speakers, Beverley Le Cuirot, and Peter Mac; the Queen Bee of Mystery Shopping, Claire Boscq-Scott; and Jersey Customer Service Awards Organiser, Julie Todd.

The Essential Management Course

The value to the bottom line of effective employee wellbeing is being increasingly recognised in many organisations. Its correlation with productivity, effort, concentration, absenteeism and staff turnover attracts close attention from industry leaders, academics and economists.

To deliver superior Customer Service, it is vital for your people to have energy, and to have energy, they need to be motivated, inspired, healthy and fit to do the job.

‘Think SERVICE’ will demonstrate the correlation between employee wellbeing and customer service, and provide practical guidance for delegates to work with, whether business owners or managers, providing tools and mechanisms to make a difference, including:

  • The Business Case for Great Customer Service | Role Modelling from the Top Down
  • Why Employee WellBeing is Essential to Superior Customer Service | Fatigue, the Enemy of Creativity, Memory and Service
  • 10 Step Anti-Stressors for the Sake of Your Customers
  • Filters: It’s all about Perspective
  • Confidence to be Themselves | Maintaining Successful Rapport | Different Personalities: In Service and Being Served
  • Essential Measurement and Insight
  • The Jersey Customer Service Awards 2013 | the Inside Track on What Makes a Winner
  • Practical Solutions for Managing for Great Customer Service

What the Delegates Said

The third in the BPP/WellBeing At Work Seminar Series, and entirely unique in its approach and content; Think SERVICE follows on from the popular and well-attended LESS STRESS and VOICE: Getting Heard seminars held in recent months.

VOICE: Getting Heard delegates said: "You really hit the mark with this … the course was amazing. The whole structure and content was excellent … we felt totally engaged throughout the entire day … I would recommend it to absolutely everyone!". 

Where, When and How to Book

Think SERVICE: Engage for Healthy Profits will be held at the Pomme d'Or Hotel, St Helier, on Wednesday, 18th September 2013, commencing at 8.30am for 9am until 4.30pm.

Individual tickets are £195 for the day, including lunch and refreshments. Book 5 tickets or more for £175 each; or 10 or more tickets for the special price of £150 each. 5% GST to be charged as applicable. CPD = 5.5 hours.

For further information and the full Programme, please download the flyer here or email beverley@wellbeingworld.je to secure your place(s).

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