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Thursday Update from World WellBeing Week

Friday 26 Jun 20

As we move into the last official day of #worldwellbeingweek, we are delighted to say that the week's activities have so far created 3,800 tweets by 3,100 users, generating 16.9 MILLION impressions. The wealth of wellbeing inspiration being shared all over the world is outstanding, thank you all. And of course like so many of you, wellbeing for us isn’t just for a day, for a week, for a month, it is for life. We are in it for the long haul. Together we have created a conversation which has gone around the world in a week, imagine what we can achieve for our collective wellbeing when we keep it going.

Here are just a few of the latest posts - please search using the hashtag #worldwellbeingweek to find the rest, and of course please also share your own wellbeing activities using the hashtag and we will find you!

Our first comes from ReStart Inc of Kansas City who are sharing some tips on how you can boost your mental and physical health. Click here

ZavFit of Edinburgh reminded us about plants making our homes and work spaces more inspiring and pleasurable. The science shows plants can boost our wellbeing in many small but powerful ways: lowering stress hormones, making us more compassionate (yes!), and improving concentration levels.

Continuing the BWell series courtesy of Salesforce U.K. their latest video features world renowned rock star Chrissie Hynde. Learn how to walk the walk on the stage of life, show human compassion and focus on your own wellbeing. Click here.

Natasha Wallace, the author of The Conscious Effect: 50 Lessons for Better Organisational Wellbeing tells us she is doing her bit! She’s got 10 of her books to giveaway. If you're an HR practitioner or someone who is trying to push the wellbeing agenda in your organisation, drop her a line and she'll send you a copy of the book. "The Conscious Effect focuses on reconnecting leaders with both their people and themselves. It awakens the awesome potential in organisations through an emotionally intelligent, people-first approach, which places employee and leadership wellbeing at its heart".

Female Tribes Network in London remind us that while there's a lot of focus on switching off, it's equally important to switch back on again! You can download their app and read their full article on how to master both. Click here.

Together for Mental Health remind us that it is so important to open up about mental health and to talk about ways in which we manage our wellbeing. They’re encouraging us all to share tips to support mental wellbeing in lockdown. Click here.

Infinite Harmony in Basingstoke share some quick and easy ways for you to reset your mind and body if you are in need of some self care!
• De clutter your digital life
• Rejuvenate yourself with lemon water
• Go outside breathe in breathe out!

And did you know! Headspace Plus is now free for a year for those who have been unemployed or furloughed due to COVID-19? We think this is an absolutely brilliant idea and especially pertinent as it is #WorldWellbeingWeek! Click here

Horsham District Wellbeing has introduced a brand-new Wellbeing Package to help you take control of your health and wellbeing. More info click here.

The University of Cambridge share a handy resource with some great tips to help you cope, feel calmer and improve your wellbeing. Click here.

Cigna UK Healthcare reminds us it’s more important than ever to keep checking in on those we care about and have launched ‘Check In’, a global programme to provide stress care during this critical time. Click here

Club Soulgenic in Jersey have been running a very special offer all week to mark #worldwellbeing week – anyone joining the club this week will NOT pay the joining fee and will get the first month FREE (saving of up to £147). And if existing Members refer someone they will get 3 personal training sessions with their new amazing trainer for only £40 (normally £120). Friday is the last day, so don’t miss out! Email info@clubsoulgenic.co.uk quoting WWWGETMEMOVING

Daniel White in Guernsey, who is one of our speakers for the Leaders in WellBeing Summit which will be held in Jersey on 1st October, has organised a fabulous series of podcasts. Yesterday he says he was honoured to be joined by his good friend Phil Surry, the founder of Man Club for this week's podcast. He says: “Together, Phil and I explored our own experiences of brotherhood, aspects of masculinity in the 21st century, indigenous culture and ritual, and, of course - how this all fits into the sacred space that is Man Club Guernsey and Alderney. This episode is so powerful and I know you're going to love it. If you enjoyed our chat and would like to support us please comment, share and feedback. It really means the world to me to hear that people are being inspired through the conversations we're holding. The more people that we can reach - the more lives we can touch. Click here

And don't forget there are still events on Friday, and some on Saturday also.

And in case you missed our earlier updates:





There are also many online webinars, advice and guidance available from our Channel Island WellBeing Practitioner Partners ... here are just a few of them:


We will round up the week tomorrow – see you then!

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