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Wednesday Update from World WellBeing Week

Thursday 25 Jun 20

Day 3 and we can hardly keep up with all of the posts and messages – thank YOU to everyone who is supporting #worldwellbeingweek - there are so many amazing activities going on all over the world promoting wellbeing, it is wonderful to see. It is also very difficult to select just a few to share with you. In the first 3 days #worldwellbeingweek has received over 2,000 tweets alone, made by over 2,000 users, creating over 10 MILLION impressions. And that doesn’t include the many Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn posts, users and impressions! AND we are only half way! Here are just a few of the wonderfully inspiring wellbeing messages and events happening as we speak all over our glorious wide world …

The University of Southampton has shared some quick tips on how to look after your mental health using Mindfulness - click here.

Courtesy of Salesforce UK, Psychiatrist Dr Kim Norman guides us through some practical steps to address your mental and emotional self, and perform a psychological first-aid routine - click here

The Sunday Times Style magazine has shared three of their top articles on wellbeing (please note if you don't already have a Sunday Times subscription you can request a 7 day free trial):

The Self Care Guide for Isolation “It’s OK to feel rubbish. But the more you learn these coping techniques, the less time you spend in unhelpful places” - click here.  

They asked their followers what they do when they’re feeling anxious, and they got hundreds of responses — and many were small, achievable things that anyone can do - click here

Nigella Lawson finally discovered the joy of exercise: "An hour of moving a few mornings a week, and a bit of briskish walking when my timetable permits, helps my fidgety mind as much as my lethargic body" - click here

The Theme for Today is OUTDOORS

Breathe HR writes about Why Walking helps Work and Wellbeing - click here.

Forest Therapy

Amanda Bond in Jersey is starting a series of Forest Therapy (FT) walks on Saturday, 27th June at Jersey Lavender - click here for more info. Complementary sessions will be offered to First Responders and Carers in the community. 

Meditating in the WILD

Wildlife Trust SW Wales suggest we meditate in the WILD for #worldwellbeingweek - Strike a pose, close your eyes and listen to the WILD sounds feel the stress melt away - click here.

Smelling the Roses

David Austin Roses talks about getting out and about into your garden and taking in the sights, sounds and smells of nature can help to calm and improve your mental wellbeing.

Active Outdoors

Healthy Ireland knows that being physically active outdoors has many benefits for our health and wellbeing. While out and about, take some time to notice the beauty of nature around you, it can help calm you and reduce stress and anxiety.

Youth Club Activities Outdoors

Peabody in Waltham Forest - Young people in Waltham Forest have been staying active through their free, online youth club activities: click here.

WellBeing in the Workplace
Benefits_PRO has 3 guidelines for employers to help employees navigate challenging times:

1. Evaluate benefits for #HolisticWellness
2. Support employees setting home & work boundaries
3. Focus on areas needed most like #FinancialWellness

Click here.

PACE the Children’s Charity are doing everything possible to put the wellbeing of our students, families and staff first during lockdown. They also care about the wellbeing of their wonderful supporters and volunteers.

Debi Gueron Children’s Author asks what does wellbeing mean to you? Happiness, health, family time, alone time, security, relaxation, exhilaration, inspiration, peace of mind, a good book … She says “This week is World Wellbeing Week 2020, take the time to look after yourself and loved ones.”

Momentum Charity
Supporting children - and their families - who are diagnosed with cancer or a life challenging condition.

Momentum aim to improve the emotional and mental wellbeing of seriously ill children and their families. They help them manage worries; reduce feelings of isolation; provide coping strategies and bring some light during the darkest of times ... this week and every week.

Facing challenges is a part of life. But how we deal with them can make all the difference. In their blog Kaplan UK talk about how to build your #resilience and manage your response - click here.

The NHS is supporting #worldwellbeingweek - Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust talks about the NHS 5 steps to good wellbeing, a set of simple actions which we can all take:

• connect
• get active
• learn new skills
• give to others
• mindfulness

Find out more: click here

Viking Genes shares advice and resources from Orkney and Shetland. Today we share the @HealthyShetland helpful links page, which contains links to both local and national advice and support - click here


Cancer Support Scotland
Volunteer Coordinator Stacey Murray talks about what's been important for her wellbeing during this time. Here’s her Calming Place audio to calm your mind and relax you - click here

Music in Hospitals & Care
#LullabyHour with Becky & Tom Chevis, an early evening session for pre-schoolers and babies offering soothing lullabies to help your little ones drift off to sleep - click here.

Health magazine shares an article about going back to the basics: ‘Disconnected Fitness: Why it pays to ditch the tech, and go back to basics’ - click here.

Upcoming Events – Mindfulness, Singing and Finding Your Wellbeing
Wednesday - Mindfulness at 12.30pm - Singing at 4pm - and many more - Livv Housing Group in Merseyside have lots of virtual events coming up over the next few weeks; these free courses are getting kick started with mindfulness and singing lessons - take a look: click here

Friday - Finding Your Wellbeing - Yolanda Saez Castello of Tap It Better - FB Live - 11am - Watch here.

Saturday - Deda Derby U.K., the Creative Centre for Dance, Contemporary Circus and Outdoor Work is hosting a live online event on Saturday. 27th June. Mindfulness is a great coping mechanism during difficult times. Join Pam Sidhu from Learn2Rest for a live online session this Saturday , as she guides you through relaxing Mindfulness techniques. To register click here.

Watch on Demand
For #WorldWellbeingWeek, Lane 4 Group have shared a recent webinar by Alison Maitland and Andrew Gillespie about maintaining wellbeing in an uncertain world. To watch it on-demand click here

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There are also many online webinars, advice and guidance available from our Channel Island WellBeing Practitioner Partners ... here are just a few of them:



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