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WellBeing Week on Channel 103 - Off to a good start!

Monday 22 Apr 13

And we're off!  WellBeing Week on Channel 103 has launched with the first WellBeing Tips from Andy Barnes of Jersey Foodstate - well done, Andy! 

If you missed them, here they are:

- Try to buy farm-fresh produce grown in fertile soil, and consume 20% of your diet as raw food  

- Boost your immunity with lightly cooked broccoli, cabbage and sprouts, and consume plenty of ripe apples, cherries, apricots, figs, raspberries and cranberries, reduce stimulants foods and consume plenty of water  

- Take daily food-based supplements containing essential nutrients like magnesium and selenium that are known to be in short supply in our diets

More info at www.jerseyfoodstate.com

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