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Want Beautiful Hair? It's all about Your Diet!

Friday 26 Apr 13

Great start to Friday with a WellBeing Tip for your Hair from Anita at Bonita Hair & Beauty ...

"My tip for beautiful hair is diet. You can spend a small fortune on lotions and potions, some will help but a rich diet full of natural vitamins will show in your hair. A poor diet will produce dull lifeless hair with no suppleness or shine.

"For a natural remedy for dry hair and scalp why not try using any vegetable oil e.g sunflower or olive. Apply to dry hair , wrap in a towel or sit in a bath for 20 min.

"A must to remember is APPLY SHAMPOO STRAIGHT ON THE OILY HAIR - do not add water first or you will have oily hair for the next three months!"

If you follow the instructions, you will have beautiful shiny hair for up to three to four weeks - for about 10 pence.

You'll find Anita and Bonita at Les Ormes in St Brelade - tel: +44 (0) 1534 720 081

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