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Saturday 27 Apr 13

Had a great week with Channel 103 - thank you to everyone there for their wonderful support of WellBeing Week. We've still got some great tips to post here and on the WellBeing World website - here's one for the mind, body and spirit from Elaine McGoogan of Fully Present Energy Healing:  

"To increase your creativity and energy overall ... draw a large pyramid on paper and write Mind / Body / Spirit on each side.  Stick it on your fridge or wall and write on it each day something to do that day for your Mind, your Body, and your Spirit.

"Challenge yourself to do things you wouldn’t normally choose to do and which make your heart sing.  This will increase your creativity and connection with yourself, as well as expand your whole energy system."

You'll find more from Elaine at www.fullypresent.org

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