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Wednesday 11 Apr 18

Recognised for attracting the best in health and wellbeing from local, UK and international expert contributors across a broad range of topics, including environment, healthy eating, mind, body, fitness and sports, work, family, women, men and teen issues, lifestyle, relationships, active ageing, community, travel, personal finance, and more, WellBeing World magazine promotes positivity and overall wellbeing.

First launched in 2012, the magazine is published quarterly in the Channel Islands for individuals with a thirst for health, happiness and inspiration, it is also sought after by an increasingly international readership.

After six years of free distribution, the magazine is now available alongside national magazines through high profile retailers including WH Smiths in King Street and airside at Jersey Airport, Channel Islands Co-operative Grand Marche in St Helier and St Peter, all four branches of Alliance Tesco, Balance -the Wellbeing Supermarket, and both St Helier ranches of Hallmark and other smaller newsagents, for the cover price of £3.99.

The publishers have also recently introduced an Employer Scheme led by leading organisations such as Intertrust, Deloitte, EY, Enhance, Link Asset Services, Fairway Group, Moore Stephens, Fox Trading, Liberty Bus, The States of Jersey, and States of Jersey Police and Fire Services, with others looking at it. 

Founder and Publisher, Beverley Le Cuirot, commented: "We are very grateful to these retailers and employers. Not only are the retailers facilitating a wider distribution of the magazine and the employers demonstrating their support for their employees, both are enabling us to donate funds to a local charity of choice, which for our current edition is Mind Jersey.

"Since the start, our ethos has been to create a world of difference through our activities; we have raised the profile for wellbeing in the Island and with employers over the years, and we would now like to start to give back towards local charities of choice.

"Our Employers Scheme is a win-win-win; the magazine is packed with hints and tips for improving overall wellbeing; organisations receive a bulk purchase discount; and for every copy purchased, we give at least 10% of the proceeds to the charity.

James Le Feuvre, Executive Director at Mind Jersey said "We welcome the increased distribution that we hope will be achieved through this initiative, as it continues to be really important for as many Islanders as possible to read articles about how to maintain and improve their wellbeing. When employers take the lead in this way, it helps to ensure that some really important messages can be shared."

Some employers have already signed up for all quarterly editions; others are taking it an edition at a time.  Some are taking larger quantities to give to ALL employees; others are taking copies for canteens and common areas. It is entirely up to the employer as to what suits their organisation.

Mrs Le Cuirot added: "If you would like to support Mind Jersey whilst also demonstrating your own commitment to the wellbeing of your employees, please do join us in this scheme."

Employers are invited to contact Mrs Le Cuirot at beverley@wellbeingworld.je

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