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World WellBeing Week 2020 to be Celebrated Next Week

Friday 19 Jun 20

Now in its second year, international awareness event, World WellBeing Week is due to be celebrated next week. Originally created in Jersey by Founder of WellBeing World, Beverley Le Cuirot, the event seeks to raise awareness for the various aspects of wellbeing in all areas of our lives, including social, physical, emotional, financial, career, community and environmental wellbeing.

Due to be held throughout the week from Monday, 22nd to Friday, 26th June, World WellBeing Week has evolved into a truly worldwide event with thousands of messages and tweets from all over the world, including the UK, Europe, the USA, and New Zealand.

Last year’s participants included New Zealand’s largest general merchandise retailer, the Warehouse Group, and closer to home, the NHS, Wirral Community Health & Care, Virgin Atlantic, SANE, Cambridge University, People First, Happiful Magazine, HR Zone, Visit Wales, IOSH, Forestry England, EMC Trust, BHT Library, Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP), UK Coaching, Chartered Management Institute (CMI), NIHR Evidence, Made At Uni, Virtual College, North West Ambulance, WWT Slimbridge, Better By Bus, MADRA, Animal Health Europe, Vetlife, British Vets, Starting Well, Chesterton Primary School, Ashtons Medical, Psoriasis Association, Thrive London, Health Trust Europe, Barts Health, Muslim Counsellor Network, Thornton Legal, the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce, and many more.

The ‘Have a Heart’ campaign was also inspired during last year’s World WellBeing Week by a mum of two from a village in Yorkshire who spearheaded a national campaign with a mission of promoting the power of kindness, whilst raising funds for MIND. Driven by her own depression which had seen her lose days in bed, scared to face people and too anxious to leave the house, she called for women from across the UK to consciously be more open with their emotions and commit to being kinder to one another.

The messages have already started to be received for World WellBeing Week 2020 which will be celebrated locally, nationally and internationally. Through this awareness event, WellBeing World will continue to give recognition to the professional practitioners in this burgeoning sector, whilst also shining a light on charities and social enterprises working hard in their own specific areas of wellbeing. It also provides a platform for the leading organisations of the world to highlight their wellbeing strategies and activities, and to demonstrate their appreciation for their valued employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Many participants will host online webinars to mark the week. Citizen Housing, a social housing provider which manages 30,000 homes across the West Midlands has already launched its campaign saying that COVID-19 will not hold it back. Classes will be held virtually. Like many employers, they recognise it is essential to look after employee wellbeing.

Learning by Questions highlights the positive impact they have had on the mental health and wellbeing of both teachers and pupils during the pandemic. They will hold a special webinar next week, as will Brindleyplace Business in Birmingham which will hold a series of webinars for businesses covering topics such as stress management, nutrition, and sleep hygiene with Professor Caroline Horton.

The National Fostering Group, which is made up of 14 independent fostering agencies located across the UK, and who value the wellbeing of foster carers and the children in their care, have posted a guest blog by clinical psychologist Colby Pearce who advises on ways to enhance child wellbeing. And the Fathering Project will seek to engage dads and build stronger family partnerships for the benefit of children. These are just a few examples of the wide-ranging aspects of wellbeing which will be celebrated next week.

All businesses, charities and individuals who are celebrating wellbeing during the week are invited to contact WellBeing World at leaders@wellbeingworld.je or to simply post their stories on social media using the hashtag #worldwellbeingweek

A summary of the stories celebrating the many wide-ranging aspects of wellbeing from all over the world will be featured on the WellBeing World website and in the next edition of WellBeing World magazine.

Those who wish to join in the webinars being held by participating organisations, most of which are being held free of charge are invited to find the links on Twitter using the hashtag #worldwellbeingweek – the events will also be listed here on the WellBeing World website.

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