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World WellBeing Week 2021 - Just two weeks to go!

Monday 07 Jun 21

What are you doing two weeks today? We're counting the days now to World WellBeing Week ... and we want to hear all about your plans ... so we can like and share the information. We will also include them in our NEW online WellBeing World magazine. We're also looking for the very BEST images depicting wellbeing and World WellBeing Week ... so please share them (with the appropriate credits of course). 

If this is the first you have heard of World WellBeing Week, these are the details ...

Created three years ago by WellBeing World in Jersey, Channel Islands, World WellBeing Week has grown into a worldwide celebration.

Starting this year on Monday, 21st June and extending to the end of the month, we will have a full TEN days to celebrate (so you can feature a week's worth of activities, you can include the weekend, AND/OR you can have activities running into consecutive weeks with activities on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, the choice is YOURS).

Whatever you decide, please do share your wellbeing plans for anytime 21st to 30th June, include the hashtag #worldwellbeingweek and we will feature your activities in the magazine.

Alternatively also please email us the details to: WWW@wellbeingworld.je 

Together we can make 2021 the BEST YET for worldwide wellbeing! Let's DO IT!

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