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The Most Important Piece of the Healing Puzzle ...

Sunday 21 Jul 13
Wise words from Young and Raw for Slow Down Sunday. The most important piece of the healing puzzle ... simply to be happy and reduce stress. ... we have lost our connection to our bodies and to nature, the spark that is crucial to maintaining vibrant health. Our bodies are looking for 'Yin Time' ... hear, hear! Wishing you a lovely relaxing, nature-filled day, ♥
Goji berries are wonderful foods, yet goji berries alone will not make you thin or balance your hormones. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, but carrot juice accompanied by a diet filled with processed foods will not render you "glowing skin". You must also eat a well balanced diet, get adequate sleep, and most importantly, create your own internal peace and happiness.
The superfood marketers, the celebrity health experts; they may tell you the fascinating superpowers of the next up and coming or ancient superfood, and this is wonderful news to share! Yet, we must maintain mindfulness that those foods alone are not a cure all. Lifestyle, environment, everything we take into our bodies, all play a crucial role in our healing.
Most people haven't been told by their practitioners that the most important piece of the healing puzzle, is to simply be happy and reduce stress. As a society, many of us have lost  our connection to our bodies and to nature, we have lost the spark that is crucial to maintaining vibrant health.
Our overly masculine culture rewards fast paced living, sweating hard in the gym, and never taking time to rest while rejecting the feminine aspects of living that are required to maintain a harmonious balance of the yin (feminine) and yang (masculine). Yin (feminine) activities include: eating more grounding and warming foods, taking time to meditate, sing, dance, rest, read, write or journal or going for solo walks in nature.
In Dr. Claudia Welche's book "Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life", she observed that when women who complained of hormonal acne and menstrual discomfort simply walked in nature each day at around the same time, their hormones began to come into balance in 3-4 months time, totally drug free.
Sometimes, before we resort to the extreme methods of bio-idential hormones, pharmaceuticals or surgery, all our bodies are really asking for is a little more "yin time". You are invited to take that time, to make that time, and to ask those around you to support you in doing what your body requires of you to heal.
To accelerate your path to healing, begin introducing joy filled activities, positive people and nourishment into your life. ~ Young and Raw

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