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Leaders in WellBeing Summit & Awards 2019

9:00 - 18:00
Pomme d'Or Hotel

The ‘Leaders in WellBeing’ Summit & Awards 2019 will celebrate the wellbeing related activities of organisations and individuals; including corporates, entrepreneurs, health and wellbeing practitioners, government departments, schools, and not-for-profit organisations.


Promoting a culture that improves the health and wellbeing of employees is good management and leads to healthy and productive workplaces; these are good for employees and ultimately for taxpayers too, so the time is right for all employers to embrace these principles.

The Leaders in WellBeing Awards will celebrate organisations, government departments, charities and practitioners who make health and wellbeing a core priority within their workplace and encourage a consistent, positive approach to the health and wellbeing of all employees. Specifically the Awards will recognise organisations which:

- Create a work environment that is a safe and inspiring place to be.

- Lead from the top ‘being the change you want to see in your organisation’.

- Empower employees to work in a way that will bring out their best ‘work self’.

- Give employees a voice and encourage them to use it.

- Participate in ongoing dialogue to drive a healthy culture.

- Invite continuous improvement through new ideas, creativity and monitoring.


Awards will celebrate those employers, entrepreneurs, government bodies, charities, or individuals who make health and wellbeing an organisational priority. This may include having a named senior manager or managers who make health and wellbeing a core priority; having and actively promoting an organisational health and wellbeing strategy; integrating health and wellbeing in relevant organisational plans, policies and communications; empowering a team of workplace health and wellbeing champions with autonomy and support to design and implement health and wellbeing promoting initiatives.

1.    Best Workplace Culture

This award celebrates those employers who embed health and wellbeing within the organisation’s management processes and procedures in a way that contributes to long-lasting culture change, for example, including health and wellbeing in the skills and knowledge requirements of line managers, and also in their personal objectives and performance reviews. It will also recognise those organisations which specifically focus on promoting a culture of appreciation in the workplace.

2.    Caring Employer of the Year

This award recognises employers who enable employees at all levels to have a voice in the organisation, actively seeking their contribution in decision-making processes around practices which may have a direct impact on them, through for example, employee engagement forums, surveys, and effective communications, especially so if employees’ contributions are not able to be acted upon. It will recognise in particular employers who enable their employees to feel valued and trusted by the organisation by offering support and training to help them feel competent and promoting team working and a sense of community.

3.    Healthiest Workplace

This award recognises those organisations which develop and implement workplace policies and procedures to reflect statutory requirements and existing best practice (for example, manual handling and display screen equipment), whilst also ensuring that all facilities and equipment remain safe, well maintained and of a good standard. It will particularly recognise those organisations which focus on creating a healthy environment, whilst also providing support and workplace interventions to address long-term sickness absence and incapacity to work, mental wellbeing at work, obesity prevention, smoking, and physical inactivity.

4.    Mental Health Award

This award recognises those employers who create a supportive environment enabling employees to be proactive with regards to their mental, as well as physical, health.  This will include the development of policies to support, for example, resilience and work–life balance.  It will recognise in particular those employers who recognise the HSE Management standards for work related stress, including the management of demands (workload, work patterns and work environment); control (how much say the employee has in the way they do their work); support (from the organisation, line manager and colleagues); relationships (promoting positive working to avoid conflict and dealing with unacceptable behaviour); role (the understanding by employees of their own role in the organisation and that of others); and change (how this is managed and communicated in the organisation).

5.    Financial WellBeing Award

This award recognises employers who demonstrate support for their employees’ financial wellbeing as integral to a wider wellbeing programme. Stress caused by pay levels, lack of financial awareness or an absence of employee benefits is known to affect work performance.  The award will recognise employers who focus on building rapport with employees, acknowledging their specific needs, whilst being careful not to overstep or push too fast in order to help them achieve their personal targets. Typical programmes may include schemes such as spending management tools and savings vehicles.

6.    WellBeing Ambassador Award

This award recognises the individual who goes the extra mile to actively promote the benefits of wellbeing within their community/sphere of influence. The WellBeing Ambassador may be a senior leader of an organisation or member of the team, an entrepreneur, member of the church or the community, a civil servant, politician, charity leader or volunteer, teacher, student, or health and wellbeing practitioner.

7.    Inclusion and Belonging Award

This award will recognise organisations of all sizes and from all sectors which demonstrate outstanding leadership in Diversity & Inclusion, enabling authentic Inclusion for all groups, and a feeling of belonging throughout the organisation, regardless of gender, age, disability, nationality or culture.

8.    Giving Back Good Business Award

This award will recognise the organisation which demonstrates outstanding leadership in all areas which contribute to being a Good Business; specifically with regards to the way they treat their employees; their role within and contribution to the local community; commitment to environmental sustainability; open, honest and proactive relationships with customers; and a fair and decent relationship with suppliers and business partners.  It will also recognise Employers and Practitioners who go the extra mile to encourage the ‘giving back’ of time and/or resources to the organisation, community and/or to charitable organisations.

 9.    Best Newcomer WellBeing Practitioner Award

This award recognises a new and emerging Health and Wellbeing practitioner who has made the greatest impact in the health and wellness sector for its employees and customers, either locally and/or internationally, in the last two years.

 10.   WellBeing Practitioner Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognises a Health and Wellbeing practitioner who has been exceptionally inspirational in their contribution to the health and wellness sector, either locally and/or internationally, having dedicated their working lives to the continuous development of their knowledge, expertise and skills, to the continuing benefit of their employees and customers.  Please include client testimonials.

Multiple entries across a range of Awards categories are invited. The Judges will be looking for entries which stand out from the crowd with examples which may be evidenced by company performance, survey results, client testimonials, or employee comments.

Bookings for the event will go live soon, in the meantime, for further information, to sponsor, attend and to enter, please contact Beverley Le Cuirot at events@wellbeingworld.je – or call 07797 727209

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