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The Undefended Self Workshop

All Day

The Undefended Self Training will support change by helping you to clear blocks and unlock old patterns of behaviour which get in the way of us experiencing our true, authentic self.

When we learn to let go of the instinctive ways of self protection we emerge into the world in a position of great strength - our authentic self - and this self needs no defending. Our authentic nature is awe inspiring, strong and vibrant.

The material covered in this training - which is based on the Pathwork and a book entitled The Undefended Self - leads us through various stages and maps to begin our journey back to ourselves - the true hero's journey. In addition to working with the material in the book itself, there will be experientials, meditations as well as being with what is presenting itself on the day for the participate - all designed to help us integrate the work of the Undefended Self.

The training is aimed at all levels - people who have never explored the world of self-development but feel a calling or a need for change, as well as people who are already exploring or may even be Therapists. This work will help you deepen contact with yourself, which in turn deepens your contact with your family and friends as well as your clients.

It will be held over 6 weekends from February through to June, giving you time to learn about yourself and to integrate the changes this learning can bring about. Be prepared for a great adventure!

Contact Elaine on: elaine@fullypresent.org


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