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Corporate Health and WellBeing - the Difference that makes the Difference

Our health and wellness services are designed to support employee wellbeing and resilience; these are presented in module format to suit individual requirements.

Supporting Business Objectives

Established in 2011 to promote the Island’s wellbeing capability and to provide physical and emotional wellness to people in need, WellBeing World now represents more than 90 wellbeing service providers, primarily local Channel Island businesses, specialising in a range of health and wellbeing services.

Through our WellBeing At Work platform we have created a range of services specifically to support organisations with their efforts to contain costs, increase engagement and productivity, retain talent and manage absence.

A high level of employee wellbeing has shown to lead to lower absence levels; attraction and retention of talented people; greater employee engagement and productivity; and healthier profits.

The WellBeing At Work approach involves an in-depth review of an organisation’s work environment, practices and culture through the bespoke WellBeing Audit, together with employee wellbeing interventions, including:

  • * Employee WellBeing consultancy and support
  • * WellBeing Audit (to assess wellbeing needs and priorities)
  • * Wellness Days and events / Lunch and Learn sessions
  • * Individual sessions and/or an Annual Programme of events
  • * Meditation / Yoga classes / Therapist sessions in-house
  • * Health Awareness education programmes
  • * Employee Engagement conferences
  • * Stress Management and Productivity training
  • * Mentoring and Coaching
  • * Employee Discount packages for incentive and reward
  • * With/without a bespoke version of the WellBeing World website
  • * Celebration of National Days/Weeks/Months
  • * Bespoke packages to suit your needs

We have also recently introduced:

  • * WellBeing Zone (online tracking for employee health and wellbeing) - wbaw.wellbeingzone.co.uk
  • * WellBeing Health Check Days (in partnership with Rossborough Healthcare)

For more information about how we can help your organisation and a no-obligation meeting, please contact Beverley Le Cuirot at Beverley@WellBeingWorld.je

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