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Eileen Holland Aura-Soma

Eileen Holland Aura-Soma
Eileen Holland is a fully qualified Aura-Soma consultant & teacher with many years experience with different systems with Aura-Soma colour being her key choice. 
Aura-Soma is a beautiful colour system, which is based on a self-selective, non-intrusive approach taking you on a journey of self-discovery, revealing each persons unique qualities. 
Choose from a splendid array of over 100 bottles of colour and light  - appealing to and revealing the inner self.   Eileen will then help you to explore your choices and their significance. 
A compelling journey into the deeper aspects of the being.
See this colour system for yourself and be inspired.
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E: e7.holland@gmail.com

T: +44 (0) 1534 619 167

St Helier, Jersey

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