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Polaris Consulting

Polaris Consulting

Polaris provides services to individuals, families and businesses.  Our aim is to enhance individual and team performance.

We use a combination of psychodynamic and behavioural management approaches to engage our clients in practical, meaningful and confidential support, giving insight into complex psychological and behavioural issues.

We help individuals overcome major obstacles such as stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, problematic behaviour, making difficult decisions, social skills and many more.

We offer families a fully integrated service bespoke to their needs. Led by our principal consultant, Doc Snook, who has 15 years of expert experience supporting children and families with diverse needs.  We have built a team of associated professionals - Child Psychiatrist, Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Specialist Teacher and Behaviour Analyst to meet every family's needs.

To businesses we are the experts on human capital when it comes to team culture and leadership.  Our approach is personal and idiosyncratic.

W: www.polaris.je

E: enquiry@polaris.je / doc@polaris.je

T: +44 (0) 7797 836 926

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