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Venus Health & Wellbeing

Combining looking good with feeling good. Vee Smith-Gauvin loves everything that involves fitness and wants to help her clients in as many ways possible to improve their health and wellbeing. She has a diploma in health studies and qualifications in many individual disciplines; she now works with clients of all ages from birth and beyond.

Based in St Helier, her range of specialist services includes Facial Reflex Therapy (a gentle treatment tailored to you); Japanese Cosmo Facelift (voted the no.1 holistic facelift massage in Natural Health magazine); Cosmobody Treatment (a completely natural treatment to bring the body's chemistry in balance, with proven results for weight management, eating disorders, and addictions); Foot Reflexology; Body Massage; and Reiki. Vee is also a district manager for Arbonne.

W:  www.venuswellbeing.co.uk

E:  vee@venuswellbeing.co.uk

T:  +44 (0) 7797 719 696

Based at Beauty Box, 3 Seale Street, St Helier, Jersey

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